Services We Offer

Acute Injury and Chronic Pain

  • Consultation (Patient Interview)
  • Injury or Condition Assessment
  • Treatment (Chiropractic Adjustments, Trigger Point Therapy, Instruction in Home Exercises and Remedies including Nutritional Support)
  • Periodic Re-evaluation
  • The Maintenance Plan – After your condition is resolved or stabilized, patients will be offered the opportunity for regular (i.e. monthly) check ups.

Mind Body Healing

  • Whether it be the common cold or the most serious of illness, there are always mental and emotional components. Current research indicates that up to 40% of back pain is stress related. In chronic pain (any painful condition of more than 3 months in duration) the treatment of mental and emotional components are just as important as treating the physical ailment.
  • Harnessing the power of the mind to heal the body is an absolutely crucial component in determining the outcome of any treatment. Physical pain is most often the greatest motivational component for any person seeking care. However, if all a person is looking for is symptomatic relief, pain medication does an effective job at reducing or eliminating pain. This does not account for the fact that you might not be able to drive your car, function at your job or would experience a host of undesirable side effects. Healing of the condition or injury may in fact have more to do with healing on the mental, emotional or even spiritual levels.

Nutritional Counselling

  • All patients will receive nutritional counseling, whether it be on improving diet and general lifestyle or more specific information on the role of vitamins, minerals, natural anti-inflammatories or other healing nutrients.
  • Dr. Quinn works closely with Douglas Laboratories, a Canadian company which rigorously tests and researches various supplements and nutritional regimes.


Custom Orthotics

  • Orthotics (also known as orthotic insoles shoe inserts, or orthoses) are devices placed inside the shoes with the purpose of restoring our natural foot function. This is necessary when the natural biomechanical balance of our lower body has been disrupted by over-pronation. Many common complaints such as heel pain, knee pain and lower back pain are caused by poor foot biomechanics. Biomechanics is the science that studies the body’s movements during walking, running and sports. ‘The most common form of bad foot biomechanics is over-pronation, which is the dropping of the arches and rolling inwards of the feet and ankles, and affects an estimated 70% of the population. Orthotic insoles correct over-pronation and realign the foot and ankle bones to their neutral position, restoring natural foot function. In turn, this will help alleviate problems not only in the feet, but also in other parts of the body, such as the knees, hips, and lower back.

Why Do We Need Orthotics?

  • It is estimated that 70% of the population suffer from a condition called over-pronation, due to flat feet or fallen arches. This condition presents itself in varying degrees of severity, with some people over-pronating more than others. The fact that so many of us suffer from over-pronation due to fallen arches can be attributed to the hard, flat surfaces we walk on daily. Other factors that play a role include age, weak ankles, and excess body weight. As a result, over- pronation is much more prevalent in people in their fifties and older, and also in overweight persons.
  • Over-pronation doesn’t pose a serious problem in many cases, especially for younger people. However, abnormal foot function caused by over-pronation can lead to serious foot problems like heel pain, heel spurs, plantar fascitis, metatarsalgia - even knee pain and lower back pain in some instances.
  • Orthotics correct the problem of over-pronation, and can help reduce or eliminate many common aches and pains. Orthotics are an effective and inexpensive solution to the over-pronation problem. Buying a pair of orthotics can be a worthwhile investment in your health, since they can prevent many serious lower body problems.
  • Dr. Quinn will determine through a thorough examination of your foot, ankle and gait whether or not orthotics can help you. Once analysis is completed and he determines orthotics may help, a cast is made of your foot. The cast is then sent off to Burnaby Orthopedic Group, where the orthotic is manufactured. Your orthotic is covered by a 30 day, no questions asked, personal guarantee from Dr. Quinn. That being said, the satisfaction rate amongst orthotic wearers is extremely high. For many, it is literally a new lease on life with benefits not only for foot pain, but knee, hip and back pain as well.


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